Team Workshops

I create restorative Corporate & Group Workshops customized to fit your team’s unique goals and needs, and promote Mental Health Awareness in the workplace.
What’s the environment like in your workplace? Is there a lot of stress, resistance to organizational change, or interpersonal conflict that needs to be mindfully addressed? Maybe things are looking up, you’ve just successfully completed a big project together and everyone needs a chance to celebrate and decompress.
I think at least once a year, every team should have a day to bond as co-workers. To clear the air, release a bit of stress, and feel like human beings again. My group sessions are designed to heal the hurts, challenge the dynamics, and cultivate a more cohesive team. Or just be a really fun group mental health day!
  • employee engagement
  • healthy workplace culture
  • team building days or AGM’s
  • creative brainstorming sessions
  • group check-in & open discussion circle
  • coping with stress, anxiety, trauma & crisis
  • mental health days, relaxation & self care
  • breathwork & meditation for beginners
  • expressive art therapy exercises
  • gentle yoga practice
Think of it as a one-time group therapy session, but at work. Raise the vibe at your office, PTA, or co-op. Start by filling out this survey to determine what your needs are. Then I work with you collaboratively to create a restorative and beneficial group experience. Because you want to really love working together, right?
Group pricing $200/hour whether you have 5 people or 500 so the more people you can get to attend, the less you pay per person.
*** Please contact me if you represent a not-for-profit organization as you may qualify for a reduced price.