Pandemic Response

I am a fully vaccinated therapist. I will continue to uphold any and all health orders to the very best of my ability. My office is tiny, but the seats are distanced a metre apart. I have a brand new HEPA air purifier, and a large window that can be opened for natural ventilation.

If client or therapist test positive for COVID-19 after the session, due to the wide range of contact and unknown variables, neither the client nor therapist will be held liable for positive COVID results. Both therapist and client are responsible for openly communicating boundaries and preferences for the session.

Please stay at home if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness. I can e-mail you a link to an online meeting with just a moment’s notice, and without penalty.

If you are immuno-compromised or especially vulnerable to serious illness, please don’t hesitate to let me know in advance so I can prepare to respond to your needs directly.

Take care, stay safe.

~ Kari